$The Onyx Lily Protocol

Token Minimum Floor Price + High Staking APR% + ONFTs with Yield

The Staking Vault earns 1.5% tax on buy swaps + 7% on sell swaps.

The Floor Price Bin ALWAYS has enough ETH to buy-back ALL tokens in circulation.

Phase 2: ONFT set earns $LILY from Staking Yield (LZ Omnichain)

GIVEAWAY: 5 mint passes

You can STAKE your NFTs for yield and earn $LILY.

Onyx Lily layerzero onfts are a futuristic, lo-fi collection that is set in neo-edo, a dystopian futuristic universe.

ONFTs can be transferred to any LayerZero enabled chain.



ONFT Mint Pass Giveaway
DEX Trading + TJ Liquidity Pool
STAKING is Live on Launch
Ideal Protocol
Stake ONFTs for $LILY Yield
Borrowing/Lending Market: Earn APR
Debt Option OFT Trading Market
Backed Derivatives: $LILY_3x_BULL
dApps/sdk Layered on the Protocol
Token Factory: Create Tokens with $LILY Features


1% ONFT Yield Reserve
$LILY Distrubuted to ONFT Stakers
0% Team/Dev Allocation
We buy when you buy
Locked Liquidity [POL]
Contract Owns + Manages LP
Elastic Supply & Market Cap
Floor Can Rise Indefinitely
Contract Mints LP to Bins


Staking Rewards
7% of Sell Swaps + 1.5% of Buy Swaps
Bulletproof Floor Price
ETH LP ~= Circulating Supply * Floor Price
Launch Snipers/Whales
Variable Fee Penalties
Greed Feeds the Floor & Stakers
Floor Auto-Growth
Swap Fees + Flash Loan Fees + Floor Loan Fees

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